Bookmark Fridays (#1)

“Bookmark Fridays” is a new series that I thought of after discovering I have accumulated 200+ chrome bookmarks over the past 4 years. These posts will help me rediscover great resources/articles I decided to bookmark and share them with my blog readers.

Muscle Wiki (Interactive)
Super-cool interactive visualization of a body that shows you content and instructional workout videos for the body part you just selected.

What Are Some Unethical Life Hacks?
Personal favorite of mine. You may have already done some of these–who knows??

How to Become Emotionally Attached to a Plant
Just Click This (not sure how I stumbled-upon this).

50 Things to Eat in Boston Before You Die
For the Bostoners – eat more food. Still need to try: Açai Bowl from Jugos

A Dozen Life-Changing Skills and How to Learn Them
  • How to Quit Something You Don’t Want To
  • How to End a Conversation
  • How to Make Small Talk
  • How to Master Fear of Rejection
  • How to Use Photoshop
  • How to Listen (Really Listen)
  • How to Speak in Front of People
  • How to Make Healthy Foods Delicious
  • How to Stop Living Passively and Set Goals

Who’s Line Is it Anyway? Top 10 Colin Mochrie Headlines from Weird Newscasters
If you’ve never heard of Who’s Line It Anyway? Watch This. 

Listen to A Cool Song (Teddybears ft. B.O.B – Get Mama a House)
This song was featured in my all-time favorite TV show, Chuck. It’s a super-upbeat song that has a great BPM for running or to get pumped-up before going out.