How to Learn Salsa for Free

Learning a new hobby is fun but can get expensive if you already have a few other hobbies. I recommend dancing as an option that does not hurt your wallet.

Some partner dancing requires lessons that are $15 per one-hour class or $10 for a beginner thirty-minute lesson with a dance social afterward. One type of partner dancing, salsa, is a relatively inexpensive hobby because of its popularity.

Benefits of Learning Salsa

  • Improved Confidence
  • Improved Cognitive Function by Learning a New Skill
  • Improved Dancing at Weddings
  • Develop More Rhythm
  • Lose Weight & Promotes an Active Lifestyle
  • Improve Your Dating Life
  • Make New Friends
  • Community Involvement
  • Better Weekend Plans
  • Better Sex


Tips for Learning Salsa

Find Free Classes

The best and most affordable way to learn salsa is researching free classes near you.

Are you a College Student?

Visit your student activities center to see if they offer salsa (or any other type of dance) classes. Having a background in another type of dancing is useful for salsa, too!

Graduated from College?

Ethical Option

  • Ask your circle of friends, dance community or general dance Facebook group for free classes around the area.
  • Use the search box in Eventbrite or Facebook Events to find free classes. Most cities have free social dancing outdoors during the warmer months that include a free lesson before to promote dancing in the community as well as the instructors’ weekly classes.

Less-Ethical Option
Pretend you’re a student and attend these local college dance classes: they won’t know the difference.

Month-Long Classes

Invest $60-100 in a month-long beginner class (around $12-15 per class). This creates accountability and helps you develop a good habit of telling your friends “Sorry, I can’t hang out after work, I have salsa class on Tuesday.” This is relatively inexpensive compared to $15-20 for yoga drop-in classes.

Your friends will understand and hopefully be intrigued to learn a new skill themselves!

YouTube Videos

YouTube is an excellent resource to learn new techniques and partner dancing moves to use at social dances. However, in-person lessons are more practical to learn the fundamentals and build confidence.

My Favorite Salsa Lesson Video: Salsa Dancing Walk-Through – 36 Movements

Dance With Friends

Whenever Louis Fonsi’s song “Despecito” comes on at the bar, grab a friend and practice what you learned in class or on YouTube.

Hope you got a lot out of this article! Start learning salsa and share this page with your friends to get them inspired, too!

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